Synthesis of photocatalytic CdO-imbedded ZnO nanopebbles for enhanced biocidal activity

C Karunakaran and A Vijayabalan

  • ANSN Editor
Keywords: nano


CdO-imbedded ZnO nanopebbles have been synthesised by a two-step process. The scanning and transmission electron microscopic images display the morphology and size (62–98 nm). The selected area electron diffractogram reveals the presence cubic CdO and hexagonal ZnO, the latter is confirmed by X-ray diffractogram. Implantation of CdO in ZnO lattice increases the charge transfer resistance. However, the absorption and emission are unaffected by the implanted CdO. The nanopebbles are powerful bactericidal material; the antibacterial activity of nanocrystalline CdO/ZnO is larger than those of CdO and ZnO nanoparticles. Further, CdO-implantation in ZnO nanopebbles does not suppress the photocatalytic activity. Thus, the title material is a powerful bactericide with unsuppressed photocatalytic activity.
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