The synthesis of activated carbon nanofiber electrode made from acacia leaves (Acacia mangium wild) as supercapacitors

Erman Taer, Kristin Natalia, Apriwandi Apriwandi, Rika Taslim, Agustino Agustino and Rakhmawati Farma

  • ANSN Editor
Keywords: nano


The activated carbon electrode made from acacia leaves (Acacia mangium wild) has been developed successfully. The preparation of the electrodes used a combination of chemical and physical activation with temperature variations at 800 °C, 850 °C, 900 °C, and 950 °C. Highest specific capacitance of activated carbon was 113 F g−1 in the two electrode system and showed excellent electrochemical performances. Additionally, activated carbon exhibits 95.73% purity with a specific surface area of 714.492 m2 g−1. These excellent results show great potential in developing energy storage devices with high specific capacitance for supercapacitor applications.

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