Nano-manipulation of Bi0.7Sr1.3Co0.5Fe1.5O6−δ double perovskite oxide for oxygen separation: assessment on morphology structure and oxygen desorption properties

Deni Shidqi Khaerudini, Arham and Sagir Alva

  • ANSN Editor
Keywords: nano


A novel double perovskite oxide-type Bi0.7Sr1.3Co0.5Fe1.5O6−δ (BiSCF-D) is nano- manipulated and evaluated. X-ray diffraction results reveal that perovskite-type BiSCF-D materials exhibit typical cubic shape with Pm-3m space group. The BiSCF-D was synthesised by solid-state reaction method and further nanosized with milling treatment. Nanosizing was carried out by ball mill with ball to powder ratio at 10:1, 15:1, and 20:1 wt% for 5 h, assigned as B5 10:1, B5 15:1, and B5 20:1, respectively. The structure and oxygen desorption of prepared powders were investigated. The crystal structure and particle size were determined by using Rietveld refinement and particle size analyser. The thermogravimetry-differential thermal analysis and oxygen temperature programmed desorption measurement are applied to find out oxygen desorption ability. The results showed that B5 15:1 has the lowest impurity and smallest particle size among the prepared powders. It was found that B5 15:1 has better oxygen desorption properties compared with other treatments with sufficiently desorption characteristics
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