Design optimisation of junctionless TFET biosensor for high sensitivity

Girish Wadhwa, Priyanka Kamboj and Balwinder Raj

  • ANSN Editor
Keywords: nano


In this paper, a dielectric modulated junctionless TFET (DM-JLTFET) based structure is examined and proposed for the first time to inspect label free recognition of biological molecules like compound, cell, DNA, and so on. The variation in the threshold voltage and potential of the proposed structure has been utilised as the sensing parameter to distinguish the biological molecules. In the present literature, there is a presumption that the entire nanogap region is filled with biological molecules after confinement and hybridisation. A study is presented here to describe the impact of biological molecule's fill in factor on the drain current characteristics of the proposed structure. The presence of biomolecules in a small area inside the cavity can lead to noticeable changes in the electrical properties of the device, resulting in high sensitivity. The proposed device structure gives noticeable results for both types of biological molecules (neutral and charged).

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