Fabrication of nano-catalyst ceria flower and catalyst characterization*

Phuc Hoan Tu, Diep Ngoc Le, Dung Trung Dao, Tin Chanh Duc Doan and Chien Mau Dang

  • ANSN Editor
Keywords: nano


Flower-like ceria microspheres were prepared by hydrothermal synthesis method and used as a catalyst support to load transition metal Ni nano particles for dry reforming of methane. The nikel nitrate salt was loaded by impregnation method onto the CeO2 flower-like and calcined at 550 °C to obtain the nanoparticles of nikel oxide (NiO) onto the CeO2 flowers. Before the reforming reaction, NiO could be reduced by hydrogen at 800 °C to obtain the flower-catalyst. Paper structured catalyst (PSC) was fabricated from flower-catalyst, alumina-silica fiber and was used as a catalyst for methane reforming. The methane conversion of the PSC-CeO2–NiO sample showed higher efficiency and stability than the sample of PSC-NiO without the CeO2 flowers with the same amount of Ni after 50 h. In addition, the amount of coke formed on the catalyst was significantly reduced in the presence of CeO2 whereas the methane conversion efficiency was maintained

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