Simple planar Hall effect based sensors for low-magnetic field detection

Le Khac Quynh, Nguyen The Hien, Nguyen Hai Binh, Tran Tien Dung, Bui Dinh Tu, Nguyen Huu Duc and Do Thi Huong Giang

  • ANSN Editor
Keywords: nano


Magnetic field sensors based on the planar Hall effect using single layer Ni80Fe20 thin films have been designed, fabricated and characterized. By optimizing the sensor's dimension, such as the thickness and the length to width ratio, experimental results have shown that the sensor's sensitivity could be increased up to three times thanks to the enhancement of the shape magnetic anisotropy. The highest sensitivity of 100 μV Oe−1 corresponding to the relative resistance change up to 20 mΩ/Oe was achieved at a supplied DC current of 5 mA for the cross-shaped geometry of the sensor with 5 nm in the thickness and a length/width ratio of 10. Simple structure, low fabrication cost, and low power consumption make this sensor very promising for low field magnetic field sensing such as geomagnetic field detections.

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