Nanoparticles as antiviral agents against adenoviruses

V Lysenko, V Lozovski, M Lokshyn, Yu V Gomeniuk, A Dorovskih, N Rusinchuk, Yu Pankivska, O Povnitsa, S Zagorodnya, V Tertykh and Yu Bolbukh

  • ANSN Editor
Keywords: nano


Two types of gold nanoparticles, covered with SiO2 shell and located on the SiO2 large nanoparticle-carrier, have been synthesized and used as antiviral agents against adenoviruses. Both antiviral effect and virucidal action of the nanoparticles have been studied. It has been shown that both types of nanoparticles demonstrate antiviral action. Dependence of antiviral activity of nanoparticles on their concentration has been studied. Nonmonotonic dependence of the antiviral effect on nanoparticles concentration has been observed and discussed. The antiviral action of complex nanoparticles against adenovirus is important because of low toxicity of the gold nanoparticles covered with SiO2 shell and of Au-SiO2 carrier nanoparticles.

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