Statistical I–V measurements of single-molecule junctions with an asymmetric anchoring group 1,4-aminobenzenethiol*

Yuki Komoto, Shintaro Fujii and Manabu Kiguchi

  • ANSN Editor
Keywords: nano


Molecular diodes are an interesting topic in the field of single-molecule electronics. Rectification of molecules such as 1,4-aminobenzenethiol (ABT) having different contact areas was reported. However, a more statistical approach is necessary to clarify the rectification of the ABT single-molecule junctions. In this research, we statistically measured the single molecular conductance and IV characteristics of ABT single-molecule junctions using the scanning tunneling microscope break junction (STM-BJ) method. Two single molecular conductances caused to difference of bridging geometries were observed in the conductance measurements. Statistically significant rectification was not observed for ABT junctions. We concluded rectification does not appear only due to the difference of two anchoring groups in case of a small conjugate molecule such as ABT

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