Hydrogen absorption in uranium-based alloys with cubic γ -U structure*

L Havela and N-T H Kim-Ngan

  • ANSN Editor
Keywords: nano


UH3-type hydrides were formed by hydrogenation of splat-cooled U-based alloys upon applying high H2 pressures (>2.5 bar). Hydrogenation of U1−x Mo x alloys (with x  ≥  0.12 (12 at.% Mo) containing the cubic γ-U phase leads to a formation of nanocrystalline β-UH3, why those of U1−x Zr x alloys (with x  ≥15 at.% Zr) implies a pure α-UH3. The Curie temperature of hydride (UH3)0.85Mo0.15 reaches 200 K; it may be the first U-based ferromagnet with such high T C. The results reflect the dominant U–H interaction

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