Flexible controlled joint remote preparation of an arbitrary two-qubit state via non-maximally entangled quantum channels

Thi Bich Cao, Van Hop Nguyen and Ba An Nguyen

  • ANSN Editor
Keywords: nano


Transferring a quantum state from one location to another without physically sending the state itself through open space is a special global task that can only be carried out thanks to the laws of nature, namely the principles of quantum mechanics. In this work, we devise protocols for two senders to jointly prepare the most general two-qubit state for a receiver under the supervision of a controller by using three different types of quantum channels, all of which are non-maximally entangled. First, we propose the schemes to produce the quantum channels concerned, and then we present the concrete steps required to execute the protocols, highlighting the issue  of why shared non-maximal entanglement is intentionally used instead of maximal entanglement

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