Optically pumped lasing from single-crystal cavity of p-phenylene oligomer

Hisao Yanagi, Kenji Tamura, Yosuke Tanaka and Fumio Sasaki

  • ANSN Editor
Keywords: nano


Single-crystal cavities of p-sexiphenyl (p-6P) are prepared by precipitation from a solution phase. A typical p-6P crystal has a thin quasi-lozenge shape with a size of several hundreds of μm and a thickness of a few μm. Under optical pumping with a pulsed laser, blue fluorescence is gain-narrowed to amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) due to light confinement inside the slab-type crystal cavity. With increasing excitation fluence, the time profiles of photoluminescence change from an exponential decay of spontaneous regime to a pulsed one typical for stimulated emission. Furthermore, multimode laser oscillations are obtained when a pair of parallel facets of the crystal cavity function as feedback mirrors

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