SO2 sensing properties of NiO nanowalls synthesized by reaction of Ni foil in NH4OH solution

Vu Xuan Hien


NiO, a p-type metal oxide semiconductor, is widely applied in many fields in which recent studies focus on its gas sensing properties. This study introduces a facile process to grow NiO nanowalls on a glass substrate using Ni foil and aqueous NH4OH. The morphology and structure of the NiO nanowalls are investigated and confirmed by FE-SEM and XRD analyses. The gas sensing properties of prepared nanowalls are tested by a dynamic gas testing system in which the target gases are H2S, NO2, NH3, and SO2. The gas sensing data shows that the synthesized NiO nanowalls perform the highest response toward SO2. In addition, the device based NiO nanowalls is stable during the measurements and linear variation with the change of SO2 concentration.

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