Development of ZNR- Calcium biosensors application

Hanan Zaher Wahab, Inas Kamal Battisha, Aida A Salama, Aziza A El Saeid


For sensitive Ca2+ biosensor fabrication, Zinc Oxide nano-rods (ZNR)will be coated with calcium ionophore membranes to detect Ca2+ ions concentration.ZNR thin films were prepared in two stages (seedsolution and nano-rods growth) by using for the former the sol-gel (SG) and  for the later the aqueous chemical growth (ACG) methods. Four different substrate kinds, conducting plastic substrate (ZNRP), silicon substrate (ZNRS), silver wire (ZNRW) and borosilicate glass capillary tube tip (ZNRT) will be usedas working electrodes for calcium concentration determination with ZNR- calcium biosensor.Ca2+ biosensor will be initially checked potentiometrically in tow solutions: the CaCl2 solution in the range from 100 mM to 100 nM and the human blood cells serum. The four prepared working electrodes morphologies and structures will be characterized by Field emission high resolution scanning electron microscopy (FESEM).


Zinc Oxide, nano-rods, Sol-Gel, Calcium biosensors.

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