Fabrication of an anode functional layer for an electrolyte-supported solid oxide fuel cell using electrohydrodynamic jet printing

Thu Thi Pham, Phuc Hoan Tu, Trung Dung Dao, Thien Dien To, Tin Chanh Duc Doan, Chien Mau Dang


Electrohydrodynamic jet (E-jet) printing is an advanced printing technique using an electric field to create the flow of inks from a nozzle via electrohydrodynamics. This technique can deliver very small droplets or flows of inks for high resolution printing. Here, we described the fabrication of an anode functional layer for an electrolyte-supported solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) using E-jet printing technique. An ink containing Nikel oxide (NiO): 10% Scandia-stabilized zirconia (10ScSZ) (56:44 wt%) was used to print on an electrolyte plate of 10ScSZ. Different printing parameters were investigated to alter the structure and morphology of the printed layer. A multiple anode functional layer was fabricated following the optimal printing parameters. The results showed that the thickness of the lines of the printed grid-structured layer could be altered by changing the printing speed. In addition, the grid interval could be easily adjusted. Moreover, multiple overlapped grid layers could be quickly fabricated by printing another layer on a printed dried layer. This anode structure is very beneficial for fuel cell since it possesses a high porosity for quick diffusion of fuel gas and an increased active surface area for enhancing electrochemical reactions. The results showed that the OCV values of both cells were approximately 1.1 V although the anode functional layer fabricated by using E-jet printing was 7-10 times thinner than that using screen printing.


anode functional layer; solid oxide fuel cell; grid-structured layer; E-jet printing; printing parameter.

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